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As India's national carrier, air india express operates one of the largest network of flights through out the country, covering the remote areas of north east india to kashmir in the north and chennai in the south. It is the preferred carrier for government officials and politicians, which may be due to the guidelines issued periodically by the government departments to help the airline financially. In the last few years air india has been making a loss, while this could be partly because of business conditions like high fuel costs, others blame it on mismanagement, and unwanted interference by successive ministers.

In the last decade, India has become increasingly westernised, and wearing western clothes is considered to be a sign of efficiency and modernity. Most of the new airlines launched in India have their staff especially airhostesses wearing western clothes like short skirts. This may also lead to an increase in incidents of molestation and misbehaviour, as passengers may try to take advantages of the air hostesses, who are often skimpily clad by indian standards, especially in small towns. In contrast, the airhostesses on air india, wear indian clothes like sarees, so travel by air india is suitable for conservative people.

Passengers interested in traveling by air india express can book their tickets online from the website, by providing the date of travel, destination and origin airport. The airline also has a frequent flier program to encourage loyalty to the airline which is suitable for passengers interested in saving money. Periodically other promotions are also announced which can result in significant savings for air travelers. In case some seats in the business class are vacant, they will upgrade the economy passenger to business class. The quality of the food for business class passengers will also be better,