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All low cost airlines in India today allow passengers to book tickets online from the comfort of their home or office through their website. Goindigo is the official website of indigo airlines, which allows passengers to purchase one or more air ticket. Like most other airlines, the default option for booking a ticket online is for a return trip to a destination and back. To encourage passengers to use this default option, the airline offers significant discounts on booking of return tickets, compared to one way tickets to a particular destination in the country.

The airline sector in India is very competitive and companies never lose an opportunity to defame their competitors. Some time ago there was some controversy regarding the goindigo website, as a competitor airline go air alleged that the website name was very similar to its website for booking air tickets goair.in and could lead to confusion by customers. However, it appears that goair was not successful in its complaint and passengers interested in traveling by indigo airways can continue to use the airline website goindigo for booking one or more tickets.

Compared to other airlines like air india, passengers who have booked tickets on the goindigo website will frequently receive emails notifying the latest developments like new flights and promotions like packages with tie ups with hotels across the country. This indicates that the airline keeps in touch with customers and is able to use its existing customer database for effective promotion of its services.

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