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Though the new airlines Vistara and Airasia are advertising their services extensively online and offline, there has been no major change in the market of the various airlines in India in April 2015 according to latest information available in May from DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation). The number of air passengers in April 2015 were 65.6 lakh in number a growth of more than 23% compared to number of fliers in India last April

Indigo continues to be a market leader in India. The marketshare of the different airlines in April 2015 are
Indigo - 37.8%
Jet Airways - 23.1%
Air India (Domestic) - 16.2%
Spicejet - 10.8%
GoAir - 8.8%
Other airlines - 3.3%

Spicejet which has been in the news repeatedly had the highest load factor among all airlines in April 2015, probably because they are offering air tickets at the lowest rate compared to other airlines. Spicejet had a load factor of 88.7% beating market leader Indigo which had a load factor of 85.7% . GoAir had a similar load factor of 85.5%, while the newly launched Vistara had the lowest load factor of 67.3% . However the newer and smaller airlines AirAsia and Vistara had the best ontime performance at the 4 metros of 100 and 96.3 as they have fewer flights , while Spicejet and Indigo flights were delayed to some extent.
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